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Dog Skin Treatments

Dog Shampoos   Dog Skin Treatments

A range of shampoos to leave your dog's coat looking shining and tangle-free  whilst protecting them from dust, dirt and staining.

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Highly effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products to tackle dog skin problems whilst helping to maintain the skin in good condition.

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D-10 Shampoo (Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial)

D-10™ Shampoo is an excellent shampoo and conditioner that does not contain soap, detergent, peroxide or bleach, only the very best coconut surfactant to thoroughly clean your dog, safely, whilst eliminating the problem of dull and lifeless coats, often caused by repeat bathing removing all of the natural oils. This low lather shampoo also inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. The formula has been designed with the “no tears” concept so avoiding the worry of irritating a dog’s eyes.

– Leaves coats looking clean, shining and lustrous
– Inhibits fungal and bacterial growth
– Will not sting your dog’s eyes
– All ingredients are cosmetic & toiletry industry approved
– Low lather - easy to rinse out
– Pleasant smell
– Environmentally friendly

Buy now: 250ml – £7.99

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D-10 Ointment

D-10 Ointment is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream for skin disorders in dogs. Quick acting and soothing, the ointment rapidly promotes healing and restores the skin to its normal healthy state. It is both moisturizing and water-resistant and equally effective when used on damaged skin or as a preventative.

Applied regularly to susceptible areas, D-10 Ointment creates an effective barrier, shielding the skin whilst neutralising harmful bacteria, helping you to maintain your dog's health.

– Water-resistant
– Moisturising
– Odourless
– Helps keep skin in a healthy condition
– Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
– Industry approved ingredients

Buy now: 50g – £7.49

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D-10 Dog Care Pack (D-10 Shampoo + D-10 Ointment)

Buy both the D-10 Shampoo and our D-10 Ointment to keep your dog's coat in excellent condition - and you save 99p!

Buy now: 250ml + 50g – £13.49

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